Backstage Beauty Beat: Naeem Khan Spring 2014


The Show: Naeem Khan

The Hair: Sally Hershberger crafted braids after Khan's inspiration for the season, Frida Kahlo. She started by dampening the hair and applying mousse throughout before a rough blowdry. She then sprayed her Spray Plump Up Collagen Thickening Mist for texture and volume before parting the hair down the middle and creating two ponytails. Hershberger braided the ponytails tightly and wrapped the braids around the crown of the head, securing with bobby pins. For hold and shine, she spritzed the Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray and tamed any flwayays with the Major Body Volumizing Style Boost.

The Makeup: James Boehmer took Khan's Kahlo inspiration, but not too literally. He kept the skin fresh and even skipped, focusing on the peepers and pout. He bumped up the brows with NARS's Oural Brow Gel before creating a peachy, copper eye suing the South Beach Multiple and Lola Lola Eyeshadow. He added a a few swipes of mascara and a dot of Triple X Lip Gloss along the lash line for a slightly damp look. He then blended the Hyde Park and Yu Satin Lip Pencil for a beautiful berry lip.

The Mani: All it took was two quick coats of Essie's classic “A-List” to complete the look on the hands and “Sugar Daddy” (to elongate the legs).