Backstage Beauty Beat: Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2014


The Show: Rebecca Minkoff

The Hair: Minkoff sought to honor Frida Kahlo and other latin luminaries with an emphasis on emboldened natural beauty with the help of braids. Jeanie Syfucreated two headband braid sby prepping the models' damp hair with the TRESemmé's 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse before rough drying the hair. She then created a zig-zag side part from the hairline to the center of the nape.

For the criss-cross braid, she took the heavier section she created another zig-zag section behind the ear, clipping the section away from each other. Syfu back brushed each section for added texture before pulling them into ponytails, positioned behind the ears. She teased the tresses a little more with the 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray before creating a three-strand braid for each ponytail and wrapping the braids around the head. She tucked the ends under and secured with bobby pins, sealing the style with a blast of the upcoming Fresh Start Color Care Dry Shampoo.

To create the Heidi braided crown, Syfu brushed back the tresses lightly with a spritz of the Finishing Spray. She then took a triangle section from the part to create a three-strand braid, picking up hair only along the hairline. The stylist then tied off the braid when you reach the nape of the neck and repeated on the other side. Syfu the gathered the two braids into a ponytail before brushing backs the hair a bit, and finally wrapping the hair in a bun. She the secured the do with bobby pins and the Fresh Start Color Care Dy Shampoo.

The Makeup: Sarah Lucero brought Kahlo's bold brows back by bumping up the look on the models with the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color. Next used three liners for the lived-in eye look, starting with lining the inner rim with the Kajal Eye Liner in Tigers Eye, lining the top lash line with the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown, and then adding a little of the upcoming Smudge Stick in Deep Burgundy at the outer corners of the eye– all with a wash their matching skin tone in the In the Know Palette. And lips and cheeks matched hanks to a few dabs of the Convertible Color Lip & Cheek in Camelia.

The Mani: Essie crafted sweet sugar skull nail art using shades like Tarte Deco, Butler Please, Blanc, and Licorice.