Backstage Beauty Beat: Sass & Bide Fall 2014


THE SHOW: Sass & Bide

THE HAIR: Rena Xydis gave the models an '80s punk twist on tousled tresses. Staring with wet hair, she sprayed evo's Salty Dog and blow dried it completely for added volume before setting the mid-lengths and ends with the bran's Cloud Nine Standard Wand for added texture. She broke up the waves with a wide-toothed comb, brushing the hair from left to right for a combover. Next Xydis applied evo's Shape Vixen through the roots to the mid-lengths to hold the combover before blasting it with Helmet Finishing Spray and setting it was a diffused dry. Xydis created a twist behind the left ear and pinned it place for a faux undercut. She finished the look by brushing in Love Touch to the mid-lengths and ends with a wide-toothed comb.

THE MAKEUP: Charlotte Tilbury added a punk spin on beautifully bronzed skin be first contouring the cheeks with MAC's Walnut Sculpting Cream and a dollop of Amourous Lipstick on the apples. She lined the eyes with Black Eye Pencil before applying Dusk Cream Colour Base to the lid and brushing up the brows. She then patted on Old Gold Pigment blended with the brand's mixing medium to the inner corner, brushing it out to the rest of the lid with a drop of clear gloss on top. The clear gloss also finished the lip look.

THE NAILS: Marina Newman kept the nils nude with two coats of MAC's Delicate Nail Lacquer.