Baked by Melissa’s Great Cupcake Hunt

Need a bit of sugar to get you through the hectic holiday season? (We hear ya… We require a daily fix of frosting to keep us feeling calm, cool, and content.) And that's why we love Baked by Melissa. Just one of her bite-sized cupcakes helps to to curb our crazy cravings without the massive dose of gluttony guilt.)

And what's even better is that – starting today – the cutesy Manhattan cupcake shop is having its annual Holiday Scavenger Hunt. They've hidden thirty-one 100 cupcake gift cards in thirty-one spots throughout New York City. Every day during the month of December, they'll be posting a single clue on their facebook page to help you locate one of the hidden prizes. And they won't stop until all the golden cupcake tickets have been claimed.

Keep the scrumptious prize for yourself (and get more sugar than you bargained for!) or bring the big batch to your next holiday fete. Happy cupcake hunting!