Barack Obama, The Chef? Karl Lagerfeld Shares His Vision of the President

Karl Lagerfeld didn't vote in this year's presidential election, but that apparently hasn't stopped him from expressing his opinion when it comes to his preference of the candidates. On the morning following the announcement of Barack Obama's return to the White House, the designer woke up early and took to his sketch pad. What resulted from his (Shu Uemura laden) brushes was a rendition of the nation's president … inexplicably portrayed as a chef, hoisting a mini White House cake on a platter. “The subject was inspiring,” he shrugged.

Lagerfeld's sketch was published in a German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung with the title, “The Biggest Chef in the World: 10 X 5 Stars.” Perhaps Lagerfeld sees Obama as the master creator in the kitchen that is the American Dream?