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Barbara Berger's Bauble Exhibit Shows Off Fashion Jewelry in a New Light

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Whether you describe your bauble styling strategy as avant-garde or classically fashioned, Barbara Berger’s collection of must-see jewels will undoubtedly have you drooling.

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The esteemed artwear connoisseur lent 450 pieces from her 4,000 piece accumulation to the New York Museum of Arts and Design's newest exhibit, Fashion Jewelry: The Collection of Barbara Berger, which is on view through September 22nd. The carefully curated confections boast famous names such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others. From necklaces with geometric shapes made of plastic to traditional precious gem clad earrings, the creative array of styles and fashions in Berger’s display have something to inspire any accessory hound.

Sponsored by Miriam Haskell, the esteemed American costume jewelry brand, Berger’s presence at the MAD is a perfect fit. As noted by COO of Haskell Jewels, Gabrielle Fialkoff, in making a statement through bold pieces of jewelry, Haskell was ahead of her time of the style front. Berger’s striking collection is an ode to that.

When Robert Lee Morris, who was in attendance of the exhibit’s launch party, mentioned that Berger started collecting her pieces at age 13, we fully understood the extent of her long perfected knowledge of donning costume jewelry. Glam caught up with Berger to get some further scoop.


What made you decide to put her collection on display? As a source of inspiration to provoke other's creativity through jewelry? Just for fun?


I have been doing museum shows for twenty years, it started as a fun experiment. I never collected the jewelry having a collection in mind--it was a passion.


What type of design, in your opinion, is perfect for snazzing up a day or day outfit, but is also easy to wear for less bold stylist-as?


Pearls…and give it the Chanel look.


Do you have a favorite piece?


Each designer has a special vision and there are special pieces from each designer. If I had to choose I'd probably choose the swan hatpins by Schiaparelli from the 1930s.