Barbecue Basics: Summer Grilling Tips and Tricks


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Gas versus charcoal … whichever way you go, your barbecue won’t suffer. Some grillers prefer the smokier taste from a charcoal fire, while a gas burner is more convenient for others. Know what you’re cooking on, and prepare accordingly.

Oil up
The best way to keep food from sticking to the grill is to wipe across the panels with a vegetable oil-soaked towel before heating the grill. Use tongs when flipping or turning grilled items so you don’t burn yourself. Most foods will release from the grill easier when they are cooked long enough.

Serve only the best
Make your barbecue extra personal by serving guests grilled goodness you believe in. Hebrew National hotdogs are a must for next-level summer celebrating—made with 100 percent kosher beef for a great-tasting, quality frank.

Throw on some veggies
The barbecue isn’t reserved just for meat. Grill up your sides as well! Coat vegetables like onions, peppers, asparagus, and tomatoes in olive oil and place them in a perforated grill pan on top of the fire to avoid small pieces falling through the racks.

Clean it while it’s hot
The easiest time to remove food stuck on the grill is when the grill is still hot. Use a grill brush before and after cooking to clean off the grates. If you don’t have a brush, a large ball of aluminum foil works well too.