Barbie Is Going House Hunting


After putting her iconic Malibu Dreamhouse on the market, Barbie is hitting the road to find a new home.

Mattel is kicking off a North American tour that will stop in 14 cities outside of Walmart, Target, and Toys ‘R’ Us stores. The tour will feature a “Barbie Motorcade,” including two cabana tents and a trailer truck complete with a doorbell and doormat to welcome shoppers. Inside, guests can play dress up and work it on the runway with Barbie in their own fashion shows, thanks to a special mirror.

The accompanying tents will turn the doll’s boxes of glitter (which she buys in bulk, along with lipgloss and mascara) to help kids add a dose of glitz to their charcoal-rubbed looks for Barbie and even construct a room with Mega Bloks.

Mario Lopez, whose daughter is a big fan, is helping Barbie finish up the packing process at her old abode and kick off the tour today with the help of a ton of Ken lookalikes. Cathy Cline, vice president of marketing for Mattel's girls brands, noted that Barbie's move is important families everywhere. “It's important for Barbie to be culturally relevant,” Cline told AdAge. “As a toy brand, she can speak relevantly about the real-estate landscape, something that's top-of-mind for people, from moms to brand fans of all ages.”

Barbie is sure to send pictures from the road, including he beau and her puppy, Chanel, but we wonder how she’ll ever find a place that feels as much as home as Malibu.