Barbie Makes Us Want To Shop…Still


Wanna go for a ride, Barbie? Jump in—we’re going shopping!

As we all experienced growing up, Barbie provided some of the best fashion inspiration we could’ve asked for. And now, things are coming full circle with Mattel Inc. giving us a chance to really dress like her. The company behind the iconic doll is teaming up with Lord & Taylor, Forever 21 and Wildfox to launch Barbie-inspired apparel and accessories collections, debuting in early September. Each collection has a different spin: while Forever 21 is channeling 90s Barbie, Wildfox is getting wild with Barbie’s actual outfits from the 80s and Lord & Taylor is taking us back to the 50s and 60s. The collections include everything from Barbie-emblazoned swimsuits to cosmetics and circular sunglasses to sleepwear. You can bet that we’ll be sporting pink like it’s no one but Barbie's business come September, making our closets a grown-up kind of Dreamhouse.