Barbie’s 2012 Career: Fashion Designer

Barbie has created an extensive resume over her 50 years. From teacher, to veterinarian, and everything in between, she’s truly done it all. In 2012, Barbie will leave it all on the runway as she takes on her latest role as a fashion designer. It makes perfect sense as the sartorially savvy doll has influenced the fashion world for decades, but it isn’t the first time she started her own portfolio. The creative doll tested her design skills in1960.

This time around, Barbie comes with her own scissors, measuring tape, pincushion, iPad and sketchpad. Fans can also download the I Can Be App for iPad to see Barbie in action as she creates her own line. But Barbie beware–in this industry you're in one minute and out the next so you might want to take a mortgage on that dream house and rent a small studio in Manhattan with the rest of us!

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