Bathroom Updates: 4 Signs It’s Time for New Fixtures


Fashionable faucets in your bathroom's sink and tub provide a subtle but essential style detail. They're not just a decorating choice, either: The right faucets can actually save you money. Ask yourself these four questions to help decide whether the fixtures in your powder room are falling short. If so, it may be time to browse Delta for an easy revamp.

  1. Are your faucets leaky, squeaky, or sticky? Consider replacing those poorly performing taps with a new model. Delta's limited lifetime faucet and finish warranty gives homeowners confidence that their new product will last.
  2. Do you have costly water bills? Delta offers Watersense Certified Products for the sink and tub. These devices make it feel like they're pumping out more water when they’re actually conserving it. Delta has designed them to splash less and use a smaller amount of hot water.
  3. Are you tired of rusty, dirty, outdated faucets? If so, it's time for a faucet face-lift. Delta has 30-plus styles of sleek, chic, artistically inspired designs.
  4. Have you recently remodeled? Don't let your newly revamped bathroom be brought down by old faucets. Keep things in theme with matching tub, shower, and sink fixtures.