Be Careful How You Carry Your Bag, You Could Get ‘Poshitis!’


This just in! There is a new syndrome sweeping the fashion industry. And more than likely, you’re at risk! “Poshitis” is brought on carrying your handbag with the straps in the crook of your elbow a la Posh Spice, er, we mean, Victoria Beckham. Doing so causes your muscles to tear and tendons to inflame. Consider this your friendly warning.

With the influx of Phillip Lim Pashli totes, you’re undoubtedly guilt of carrying your bag in the crook of your arm. Though it remains to be seen if David Beckham’s wife is actually afflicted with this syndrome, we’d recommend taking measures against the seemingly painful issue. Allow us to suggest paying extra attention to the arms portion of SoulCycle class to build strength in your tendons?