Be Your Own Masseuse With These 3 Relaxing Tools

Between your professional, familial, and social commitments, a visit to the spa may fall by the wayside. Good thing there are tons of useful gadgets out there that help soothe your overworked, aching bod. Give this trio of tools a try—you may never bother visiting a pro again!

For the Feet…
The Sharper Image® Shiatsu Foot Massager, $49.99,
One of the most neglected parts of our bodies, our feet bear the brunt of nearly every move we make. Chances are, yours need some serious TLC. The six individual shiatsu heads and soothing heat on this device are sure to relieve the ache and have your feet feeling like new again.

For the Body…
NutraLuxe MD Therapeutic Body Massager, $150,
Products that come with perks? We’re all for them! That’s why we love this genius body massager that also reduces the appearance of cellulite. A rubdown and firmer, sexier skin? Yes, please!

For the Face…
Facemate Ultrasonic Facial Massager, $159,
For spalike results without several costly sessions (or the time-consuming commitment), give this facial massager a try. The heat and microvibrations accelerate blood circulation and leave your skin looking younger and healthier. The best part? It takes a mere 10 to 15 minutes a day.