Beach Blonde Icons and YouTube Tips from Lo Bosworth


A trip to the beach is a welcome invitation to anyone braving the bitter Big Apple chill. New York transplant and fellow beach blonde Lo Bosworth came out to support her BFF Lauren Conrad, who brought a bit of the California sun for a summer-themed soiree to celebrate John Frieda’s Beach Blonde range re-launch. In between bites of lobster rolls and sips of champagne chilled with pineapple ice pops, Bosworth shared her favorite beach blonde and even a few YouTube and beauty tips to keep in our back pocket until the spring (finally) starts.

How have you been braving the cold?

It’s so crazy, and I think it’s the coldest day of the year. But it’s this summer oasis inside [the party], and it���s brightening my spirits already.

I’m sure you’re counting down the days until spring and summer starts. What’s your favorite way to embrace the warmer seasons?

I love to go on runs, and I love to run on the West Side Highway. Being able to be out in New York City in that way is such a great time. 

What’s your favorite summer beauty trend?

I guess for me being a blonde is having really amazing hair, and part of the reason why I’m so excited to be at this Beach Blonde party is that I was such a fan of John Frieda growing up, so it’s so nice that this collection has come back.

Speaking of which, who are your beach blonde icons?

Who’s the woman in the [10] movie with the cornrows? Bo Derek; she’s the ultimate, right? She’s such a gorgeous woman – a little throwback. It is throwback Thursday!

Your YouTube channel is amazing! What are some of your top tips for the up-and-coming video guru?

I think it’s about being really genuine and not being afraid to be yourself because I feel there’s a ton of the same content on YouTube, and you have to differentiate yourself in some way. I just did an apartment tour this past Wednesday. I just moved, and I gave everyone a messy tour instead of a picture perfect apartment tour. I gave them the “before” version so they can see it before the “after” version and they loved that, so it was fun!