Beauty Banter: Zosia Mamet and Sherry Heart Share Hair Secrets from the “Girls” Set


Shoshanna Shapiro’s array of amazing hair accessories have become synonymous with Zosia Mamet’s Girlscharacter since season one, and has only grown into more creative coifs since she trimmed her tresses. Sherry Heart, the woman behind the style-setting strands, sat down with the star before a group of beauty editors Sunday night, thanks to Scünci. As the latest episode aired, the pair shared their strand secrets and clued us in on one of the cool looks that we’ll be talking about (and likely recreating) before the season ends.

What is the best hair tip you’ve received?

ZM: It’s a tip that Sherry gave me last season. My hair at 25 started changing and getting really oily all of the time. So I asked Sherry, “What’s happening? It’s so flat and oily –I don’t understand.” And she told me to stop washing it and I did, and I totally won’t go back.

SH: It’s the no-poo thing. The reason that your hair gets so oily is because it’s always neutralizing your shampoo and conditioner that you’re stripping away your oils with. I know we have to wash our hair a lot of the times, but if you can, give it about six weeks and your hair will acclimate, so you’ll be able to just rinse it and it will be clean, surprisingly enough. You just have to get through that oily period.

ZM: There’s an awkward period, for sure! It’s not cute.

SH: You can slick it back into a ponytail [in the meantime].

If you had to keep your hair in one style for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SH: Well my rock ’n’ roll alter ego would say wear it in short spiky, rock ‘n’ roll [style] or maybe a shag.

ZM: I’ve had a really fun time experimenting with my hair, which I’ve only done this past year, but it’s been super fun and I want to keep doing that. But I had super long hair, parted in the middle for almost my entire life. I really loved wearing it down; it was just long and dirty, but I wouldn’t mind going back to that.

What’s your worst hair nightmare?

SH: A nightmare I would never want to happen is sticking a curling iron in someone’s hair and ruining it by burning it off. It’s ever happened to me, and sometimes I test the iron on a towel – if it’s burning the towel, it’s going to burn your hair. It’s a cocktail of these things: the hair’s too dry, the iron’s too hot, and maybe the hair was that frazzled, like that girl on YouTube who burned her hair off. I know she laughs about it now, but it’s horrible.

ZM: My worst hair nightmare was probably my hair falling out. [Sherry and I] were talking about this but I went on to St. Croix over the holiday with my best friend Emma and our men, and I had just recently started dying – and I didn’t know anything at that point about hair really, in terms of taking care of it. So, I just said, “It will be fine.” I just peroxided it right before I went to a tropical island. It totally started breaking, and I spent half a day in a ball in my bed, thinking, “I have to shave my head now,” which I didn’t. But that was probably living out my worst nightmare, and it was fine. It’s good; I’ve still got plenty of it on my head.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair?

ZM: I’m really loving it short, and in the first year of having it short, I thought, “It will be short forever!” And now, I’m having some pangs of wishing it was long again. I can grow it out and cut it all off again.

SH: I think everyone goes through that. You get tired of dealing with it, and you cut it off. And then you think,” Aww, I want to deal with it again.” One thing you always encounter with hair: it grows back.

Braids, sock buns, and ponytails are really big right now, thanks to the show. Which of the three would you choose?

ZM: I think there’s a big part of me that just wants to be a hippie, living in a tree somewhere, so I would probably go with braids and feathers all over. 

SH: You just described Coachella!

ZM: Which I’ve never been to…I would probably hate it, but I’d have the right hair.

SH: I would pick braids as well.

The scrunchie is making a serious comeback, where have you seen it pop up?

SH: We actually used it this season; I’m not sure if we’ve seen it yet.

ZM: I don’t think I’ve seen it either.

SH: I don’t remember [when], but I did incorporate one. 

ZM: I recently bought one – this woman [Sherry] again was my inspiration. Our best friend who is a yoga teacher, said, “I think we need to bring back the scrunchie.” And I bought a black, velvet scrunchie, and I work out in it. It makes me feel really good. 

What’s your favorite hair accessory?

SH: I love a bobby pin in every way, shape, and form. I’ve done a lot of different looks with [Zosia]. You can create so many different designs. 

ZM: My favorite look was when I had 10 bobby pins on one side. That was so fun! I would second that, I love a good bobby pin.