Beauty Buzz: 100 Years of Bold Beauty Trends in One Minute, Frozen Adds Its icy Touch to Your Vanity, and Deborah Lippmann’s Holiday Double Duty


Every decade has its dose of prominent beauty trends–the good, the bad, and the why?—and one model can easily say she’s been there and done all of that. Cut’s latest video clip allowed the gorgeous gall to time travel with different beauty looks from 1910 to 2010 in just one minute. Excuse our beauty whiplash; we need to watch it again (and again and again). [The Huffington Post]

If “Let It Go” is still at the top of your playlist pulls, listen up! Disney has just released a makeup collection inspired by Frozen. The turquoise-wrapped beauty treasures include metallic and glitter polished, lush lipsticks, and a dual sided eye palette to channel your inner Anna, Elsa, or both. The only catch is you’ll have to head to happiest place on Earth to pick it up, but who wouldn’t mind a trip to Disney World anyway? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Deborah Lippmann is moving from behind the scenes to center stage starting tonight. The mani maven, who regularly moonlights as a jazz singer, will step up to the mic to support LeAnn Rimes for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting tonight. You know we’ll be tuning in while touching up our tips of course! [Glam Inbox]

Come spring, you won’t have to worry about missing spots when you shave. Sphynx is a new beauty tool that’s gearing up to take over the shower staple thanks to its go-anywhere attitude. The gadget itself comes complete with wet/dry soap, blades, and even water that comes in a shell you can toss into any tote to touch up when you need to. We’ll take two![Glam Inbox]

Candy-colored locks were a huge tress trend this year, but a new salon is giving it a (not so) fresh spin. Roxie Hunt of Seattle’s Vain salon sparked the fire with a simple DIY blog post about dying armpit hair. As she explained, “It’s no secret that some of us choose not to shave or wax our pits.” To each their own, we guess. [People]