Beauty Buzz: Aerin Lauder’s Limited Edition Lipstick, Physician’s Formula Prescribes A Little Argran Oil, and Scentbird: Your New Subscription Obsession


Aerin Lauder has found a unique way to keep up with her family’s legacy of supporting the Big Apple’s museums. To celebrate the opening of “Gustave Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer: The Woman in Gold,” the beauty buff teamed up with the Neue Galerie Design shop to craft a limited edition lipstick set. The blush and berry shades were pulled from the museum’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, and will benefit the museum’s exhibition and education programs. After all, beauty is art! [WWD]

Physicians Formula wants to infuse more moisture into your beauty routine with its new Argan Wear collection. The beauty brand infused makeup musts like BB Cream, blush, and bronzer, as well as baby bottles of the oil to nourish your skin, hair, and nails and enhance their natural shine. Talk about getting you glow on! [WWD]

While we love to swatch samples, we still tend to turn to the beauty counter to spritz up our fragrance fix. Scentbird is looking to change the game by delivering the perfumes straight to your door. The service is especially great for those still searching for their signature scent, as it offers a quiz you can take to snag personal recommendations and deliver them in a travel-friendly size to taut around and easily refill when you get down to the last drop. [Snob Essentials]

We likely wouldn’t be as into beauty if not for digging through our mom’s makeup bag, but in the age of YouTube, it’s a whole different story. Little Mia is the daughter of a YouTube beauty guru, who was caught red-handed (or rather red-faced) when her mom filmed her account of the incident. In the clip, her mom explains, “Only grown-ups can wear this much makeup!” But that didn’t stop her. Sporting a deep berry lip anyone would envy and a full face of blush, she simply replied, “But I really wanted to look pretty like you.” Aww! [The Huffington Post]

We know there’s nothing wrong with a little lipstick, but the shade we select could have an effect on how people perceive us. CoverGirl collaborated with a renowned Harvard psychologist to prove that different beauty looks can quickly change how we view someone. For example: a classic red lip is considered daring for the creative while pink is perfect for the fun-loving social butterfly’s girl’s night out. A pure plum is not just a standout shade; it makes also makes you look like Ms. Independent while on the other side of the coin, nude lippie lover are perceived as more warm and caring. Guess there is a lippie for every occasion! [Glam Inbox]

Ladies, it’s time to clear the clutter off of your vanities because Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty is back! From now until April 4, the store will serve up a slew of beauty steals, free gifts and plenty of events from our favorite brands like Bareminerals, Tarte, and Clarisonic to keep you coming back for more. We’re already marking up our calendar for all of the events! [Glam Inbox]