Beauty Buzz: All Eyes on Suki Waterhouse, Christian Louboutin’s New Nail Necessity, OPI Gets Glossy


Everyone’s eyes are on Suki Waterhouse. The model has been named the new face of Burberry’s latest beauty collection. The fresh sampling includes three mascara, two liner, and a brow pencil — all to create the illusion of a naturally larger eye. Talk about making your peepers pop! [The Cut]

It all started when Adele wore silver Christian Louboutin heels to the 2012 Grammys and matched her nail polish to her shoes by painting the undersides red. Now Louboutin has brought the mani to the masses with a new nail-art pen. The Loubi Under Red pen, available only in Rouge Louboutin red (natch), is a felt sponge with a fine tip, which makes painting under the nails fool-proof. Now if only our nails would hurry and grow.… [Glamour]

OPI is pumping up the pink, but it’s not for Breast Cancer Awareness (don’t worry; they already have that covered). The nail authority is celebrating Glossybox by bottling its signature shade, called Pink Outside the Box, and including it in its November box for subscribers. OPI co-founder and brand ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explained, “In being part of the Glossybox experience, OPI is able to reach a new audience of beauty lovers looking to receive the latest in both color and technology.” [WWD]

Can you picture Queen Bey primping while practicing her latest moves? Tyra can! In a chat with The Huffington Post in anticipation of her 2-hour primetime beauty special on HSN, the smize queen admitted she would love to see the superstar test drive her new Oops Liner. Tyra even has a lip shade in mind for Michelle Obama: Ask for a Raise. Gender pay gap, anyone? [The Huffington Post]

Anyone who has eczema knows the challenges of finding products that don’t irritate the skin. NowTarget has a new solution. Skinfix is a botanically based body-care brand that will hit shelves starting next month. The skincare essentials don’t contain fragrances and are formulated to help heal and restore skin. Finally, some added relief! [WWD]

Dove is celebrating a big anniversary with its 5th Annual Self-Esteem Weekend. It kicked of this week at the United Nations when notables like Angie Martinez, Gabi Fresh, and Ruby Karp celebrated with the brand’s Self-Esteem Ambassador, Jess Weiner. To mark the milestone, the brand also premiered its new short film, Legacy, which explores how moms pass their beauty values on to their daughters. It’s sure to warm your heart. [Glam Inbox]

For anyone who has lightened her locks only to receive some serious breakage, we feel your pain. Strands subjected to bleach can feel like spaghetti when wet and straw when dry (very dry), but a new treatment may be the next big thing in hair color. Called Olaplex, the additive claims to eliminate the bad reaction oxygen has with broken sulfite bonds in chemically treated hair that leads to breakage. Hallelujah for your hair! [Into the Gloss]