Beauty Buzz: Beyoncé Loves NCLA Like XO, Backstage Beauty at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and Hollywood Goes Au Naturel for Oscar


Queen B has another surprise in store before the end of 2014! Beyoncé has partnered with NCLA for her own collection of four nail wraps that will be exclusively available on Inspired by her epic eponymous album, there’s a plaid print for “***Flawless;” a neon sign print from “Blow;” a Tom Ford-esque sequined and fishnet affair from her MTV Video vanguard performance; and a scrawled tracklist of the album. Who wants these in their stocking? [Refinery 29]

Just because the glittering Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway will be across the pond this year doesn’t mean you have to miss the backstage beauty action. Bombshell beauty was the mission for hairstylist Aki who added extensions upon extensions for the Angels’ signature waves. Makeup maestro Dick Page let the girl show off their natural beauty thanks to a surprising element: red Kryolan pigment. As Page explained, “If you put it on first, it makes you immediately look better, more healthy and alive, and then you just do a selective bit of foundation if you need to.” [WWD]

The race for the Oscars has begun and a slew of actresses are skipping the makeup trailer on their way to grab the gold. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, and more are appearing on big screens in their rawest form to give their best performances, especially for those playing real-life characters. As Swank explained about her role in the upcoming The Homesman, “I feel like it’s so important to be honest in any portrayal of any character you are playing. You shouldn’t be a part of telling a story if you don’t want to tell it as honestly as possible, and that constitutes the way that you look.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

There’s more reason to lounge in the lap of luxury when you’re away from home. A slew of beauty brands have partnered with the Gansevoort Meatpacking to open its new in-room Glamour Bar, including Too Faced, Hampton Sun, Oribe, and R + Co. The hotel perk houses a Hollywood-inspired vanity mirror in the guestroom and includes an arsenal of premium beauty buys and tools to primp with and even purchase. No need to worry about your travel-sized treasures getting lost! [Glam Inbox]

The month can’t start without looking over Susan Miller’s astrological forecast, so anything associated with the zodiac has instant appeal to us. Strange Invisible Perfumes has expanded its fragrance fascination with horoscopes to include all 12 signs. Each bottle houses notes meant to complement each sign’s different personality traits. With 2015 around the corner, who wouldn’t want to face the New Year with an exceptional scent! [InStyle]