Beauty Buzz: Blot and Bronze With Mai Couture, Laverne Cox Says No To CoCo, Cotton Couture From Chanel


Mai Couture has added a spin on blotting paper that’s hard to ignore. The paper booklets look like the blotting papers we always reach for, but they are packed with pigments for base, lips, cheeks, and eyes. When you dab your face, the color goes on, and you blend with your fingers, like a paper bronzer. Not to mention, the compact packaging allows them to be travel friendly. [Telegraph UK]

While we aren’t looking to go behind bars anytime soon, we wouldn’t mind spending some time with Laverne Cox’s character on Orange is the New Black, Sophia Burset. Lucky for Conan O'Brien, his hairstylist called in sick and Cox stepped in, prison uniform and all. Also, don’t miss out on Andy’s cameo as Red. [Bella Sugar]

For a girl who loves luxury, a regular cotton ball simply won't do. That's why there is Le Coton, the facial cotton pad from Chanel, which are triple-ply cotton, and have the iconic Chanel logo embossed in them. Unlike other more absorbent cotton products, Le Coton helps to conserve your precious beauty products instead of having it all soaked up by your regular cotton balls. Not cool. 100 pieces cost $20, but with the gorgeous packaging and the fancy sounding name, you might just be tempted to buy… [The Cut]

Looks like these thieves have some very good taste. Hermès has reported that a container with $604,000 worth of perfume has been stolen in an industrial zone used by transporters. We hope Hermès recovers their stolen fragrances soon! [WWD]

The life of a beauty junkie involves having too many products too keep track of, let alone find on a busy morning. Thanks to this handy how-to from Glamour, now we can all organize our favorite products in gorgeous, easy-to-make storage boxes. [Glamour]