Beauty Buzz: Buzzcut Season, Fuel the Fight With Treatmint Boxes, Straighten Some Color Into Your Hair


We're always looking out for the newest hair trends, and the next big one may be…no hair? That's right, buzz cuts may be a major fall and winter trend, as shown by Gisele's Balenciaga fall campaign or Olivia Cooke at Comic-Con. While we can't deny these ladies look fierce, it is certainly not a hairstyle for the weak of heart. [New York Times]

Subscription boxes just got a whole lot more meaningful. Treatmint Box is a subscription box service for men and women battling cancer, and its contents include inspirational note cards, organic beauty and skincare products, nourishing foods, and accessories with uplifting messages. The creator of the box, Kimberly Fink said, “Keeping your mind in a good place is half of the battle, and I think people benefit from visual reminders of their own strength.” It is certainly a beautiful way to show support for cancer treatment. [Huffington Post]

Getting two things done at once always sounds better. According to scientists at University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Labs, we'll be able to do exactly that with straighteners that can dye your hair. How crazy? This ion beam technology uses no chemicals and permanently changes hair color by affecting the way light reflects on hair follicles. While the word “permanent” sounds a bit scary for now, we are looking forward to these fascinating straighteners. Ombré, anyone? [Fashion Telegraph]

You might want to toss that loofah you use to scrub yourself clean in the shower. As it turns out, it may not actually get you clean at all. Scientists found that natural loofahs, when not properly washed and dried, can be prime spots for bacteria growth. Yuck! [Huffington Post]

Love Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist? Watch the process of creating the campaign for this best-selling fragrance, documented in the short film, The Making of an Icon, told in Donna Karan's own words. Fans of this beloved scent will be intrigued by the story of Cashmere Mist, and how it came about. [YouTube]

Here's a collaboration that'll perk up your ears. Nicole Miller and butter LONDON are teaming up for an exclusive summer style giveaway. From July 20 to August 5, enter to win Nicole Miller’s Flower Spike Denim Dress and a bespoke set of hand-painted nails and the polishes and tools used to create the look. Nails from butter LONDON, dress from Nicole Miller? Consider our NYFW ensemble complete. [Glam Inbox]