Beauty Buzz: Erin Fetherston Has Her Eye on the Prize, Mila Kunis’ Pedi Problems, and What’s Pumps Up a Polish’s Price


We always see skincare brands pop up near the end of New York Fashion Week, but Erin Fetherston had a new addition: her own set of eye gels. The designer partnered with Skyn Iceland to create a Fashion Week survival kit that you can snap up! The set feature 10 packs of the brand’s iconic Cool Firming Eye Gels dressed up with Fetherston’s feminine style. We’re ordering a pack ASAP! [Skyn Iceland]

Many were shocked to see mom-to-be Mila Kunis stepping out with a fresh pedi. Turns out sporting a baby bump in a nail salon can put you and your little one in peril. Aside from the chemical odors, the risk of bacterial or fungal infection, even a foot massage can cause contractions, which can be bad for pregnant women whose little ones aren’t full term yet. Yikes! [Glamour]

It might’ve been the sticker shock or the intimidating bottle, but many have been wary of Christian Louboutin’s nail polish (just not us). The pricey polish isn’t just red paint in a bottle though. The New York Times takes a peek under the cap to find it’s not just the designer and its history but a whole army of beauty buffs out to create the best possible product. [New York Times]

DreamDry has a major milestone to celebrate: the one-year anniversary of its 57th Street location in the Big Apple. City natives and visitors alike can vie for the chance to be the first 100 clients to receive a complimentary Caption Nails Manicure gift set when snapping up a service. Those who don’t make the cut won’t be left out as everyone will receive a complimentary Kérastase Fusidose Treatment that day. Happy Birthday! [Glam Inbox]