Beauty Buzz: Explore the Mind’s Beauty Ideal, Haute Halloween Hair Colors, and The Fascination with Face Masks


Beauty is in the mind’s eye of the beholder, according to a new art project by photographer Scott Chasserot. Called “Original Ideal,” the series features simple headshots of the subjects paired with their version of their ideal appearance. Chasserot created dozens of different versions of the headshots with photo editing software and used an EEG headset to measure the subject's brainwaves to see which they liked most. We’d love to test-drive this idea ourselves! [The Huffington Post]

Whether you’re channeling Katy Perry or your favorite cartoon character this year, no colorful Halloween costume is complete without a funky hair hue. Redken has come to the rescue with its Color Rebel Hair Makeup, which provides a water resistant micro-coating formula that can stand up to brushing, blow drying, or flat ironing! This is already at the top of our shopping list! [Glam Inbox]

We regularly rely on face masks to rescue our skin from any bad behavior, but it turns out we’re not the only ones! Prestige face masks sales skyrocketed with $65.5 million in sales from June 2013 to June 2014, even surpassing moisturizer in the market. Along with adhering to skincare trends in Asia, most skin care savants are looking for instant gratification when it comes to flawless skin. Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst for The NPD Group explained, “New formats, and formulations that address individual needs appeal to the consumer looking to try something different without spending a fortune.” [Fashionista]

Moroccanoil is back with another wonder woman for its Inspired by Women video series. Meet Jessica O. Matthews, the co-founder and CEO of the non-profit Uncharted Play. She’s also the inventor of Soccket, a soccer ball that generates free, renewable energy through the kinetic power of play. This is one way to shine a light on something incredibly positive! [Moroccan Oil

Ding, dong, Avon calling – or rather Instagramming and Tweeting. The century old beauty brand is really getting with the times by turning their sales reps into social media marketers via its revamped website. With fresh, engaging content, the team is confident beauty buffs will translate talk into a sale. [Glam Inbox]