Beauty Buzz: Gisele Bündchen Doesn’t Get Unrealistic Ads, Memories from Margiela, and Pump Up the Paco Rabanne


She may be Baz Luhrmann’s latest leading lady, but Gisele Bündchen isn’t letting it get to her head. The mega model was candid about the opulent ideas we all see in beauty ads today, noting her character in the Chanel is meant to be relatable to many women who balance work and home. She said, “Sometimes I feel like adverts like this can make women feel so distant. They are so glamorous and so unattainable and so aspirational that you really can’t touch them, in a way. They are kind of a dream.” [Yahoo!]

The link between scent and memory has long been studied and Maison Martin Margiela is inviting users on a nostalgic journey with two new additions to its Replica scent series, both exclusively available at Barneys on November 1. The perfume collection is meant to be “a reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods,” with each scent evoking a singular moment in the perfumer's past. The more familiar of the two fragrances, At the Barber’s, takes the user to a traditional barber shop in Madrid, where a swirl of lavender and soap creates the smell of familiar comfort. The second fragrance, Tea Escape, is inspired by the perfumer's moments of peace and tradition in the midst of bustling and noisy Tokyo. Notes of green tea, puffed rice, and milk blended with jasmine, bergamot, and pink peppercorn create a perfume that is equal parts crisp and welcoming. [Glam Inbox]

Paco Rabanne is making moves in the music biz by cutting its first album. The brand’s XS scent label partnered with MTV and My Major Company for a competition for up-and-coming musicians to be featured on the compilation that will be released November 17. Expect to hear from winner Guy Ivory as well as Stella Matteoni, Aymé, Puppies, and STTL who comprise the finalists and semi-finalists of the contest. Time to pump up the jams and the perfume! [WWD]

There are plenty of times when a fresh mani has kept us from swatching a new nail hue. But now ModiFace’s Virtual Nail Salon allows us to do that and much more, including finding, purchasing nail polish, and even creating custom shades and nail art – complete with jewels. The app also includes a Shade Match function where users can snap an image of any object to find the closest matching nail hue. #ManiMonday just got an upgrade! [Glam Inbox]

Ease your daily grind this season with the latest office accommodating spa service, Soothe! The Glam tested and approved Soothe service brings on demand, professional massages–including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Couples—to customers' homes or office spaces in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Miami, and very shortly, New York City, Austin, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Book a peaceful pick-me-up for your lunch break at work, post gym sessions at your house—whenever and wherever you need it. Tranquility transported to your front door is made even better by Soothe's convenient service details: clients can book as little as 60 minutes before their desired appointment on or via the Soothe iOS app, massages are available starting in the morning and run all the way to midnight, and online payment includes gratuity and tax, so you don't have to worry about having cash on hand. Use the code GLAM30 to get $30 off your first massage. [Glam Inbox]