Beauty Buzz: Hilary Duff Channels Kylie Jenner, Beauty By Robotic Design, and Would You Like Fragrance with That?


Hilary Duff, is that you?! The blonde beauty seems to getting into the festival season spirit by dyeing her the ends of her strands a bright turquoise or as she called it: mermaid hair. But the look bears a striking resemblance to the turquoise tips of Kylie Jenner. Does that mean she’s heading to Coachella this year? We can’t wait to see! [Glamour]

There’s seems to be an app or device to indulge all of a beauty buff’s needs, but there’s on frontier left: application. University of Applied Arts Vienna students Maya Pindeus and Johanna Pichlbauer have built a beautification machine to help makeup mavens apply eyeliner, lipstick (in a series of shades), and even a light mask to start a dialogue about the interaction between humans and machines. While the cosmetic contraption didn’t succeed all of the time, the inventors noted, “Its tireless spins, the way it didn't quite succeed . . . it seemed to have its own ideas of what looked good [on] a human face.” [Pop Sugar]

Burger King is moving from the food court to the fragrance counter. The brand has crafted a Whopper scented perfume in Japan simply called Flame-Grilled that will be released on, what else, but April Fool’s Day. But this isn’t the first for the food chain, as it previously released a Flame by BK men’s body spray back in 2008. With Pizza Hut nail polish already available, the gourmand beauty buff will need to make a little more room on their vanity for this novelty. [The Huffington Post]

In other shade shifting news today, Christina Aguilera has gone dark! The songbird switched up her shade in anticipation of a guest spot as Jade St. John on Nashville– the perfect space for her to show off her skills. While it’s likely a wig, we’d love to see if she would stir up nostalgia once again by reviving the hue she sported back in 2004. Fingers crossed! [Refinery 29]

There’s more Frozen fare heading to the beauty aisle as Orly has crafted a 12-shade collection in honor of the ice queen and the rest of her royal court. With a vibrant range from fuchsia and indigo – many with frosty iridescence, of course – the Color Blast lacquers are sure to appeal to every Disney fan regardless of age. [InStyle]

This winter has ravaged our skin (sometimes raw) the entire season, but now we can see just how much damage has been done thanks to Kiehl’s. The skin care authority has introduced a Dehydration Analyzer Tool that uses bio-electric impedance technology to send a undetectable current throw the layers of skin to measure the water level and prescribe the right regimen. The new device will be available for customers to diagnose the health and hydration of your skin at stores and select counters. [Glam Inbox]