Beauty Buzz: January Jones Thinks Pink, Marc Jacobs’s Mod Scent Selection, and Dermos Don’t Dig Your Clarisonic


“Call me ‘Frenchie’” was the perfect caption for January Jones to show off her fresh hair hue. The Mad Men star shared a snap on Instagram of the soft pastel pink in progress straight from the salon chair – perfect for spring. As People noted, she was technically going back to her roots, as she sported rose gold highlights back in 2012. But with the show wrapped, we’re psyched to see what other colors from the rainbow she try next! [People]

Marc Jacobs is looking back for his latest blooming bouquet, Mod Noir. The designer is centered the scent on gardenias, which was the focus for his first fragrance over 10 years ago. Mod Noir will house lush green top notes, and a drydown of creamy musks. Though he has a host of fresh fragrances, crafting new ones never seem to get old. “I have the same basic attitude toward everything — I get very excited about doing new things and projects,” he said. “When fragrances first started, I was superexcited about being able to do it, and I thought, ‘Well, we’ll see how it goes. If it works, then we’ll do more, and if it doesn’t, we’ll try again to do something else.’ The best test is the customer.” [WWD]

The Clarisonic has changed the skincare routine of beauty buffs everywhere, but not everyone’s on the bandwagon. The aggressive exfoliation in using a Clarisonic a few times a week (or every day in some cases) can actually make acne and hyperpigmentation worse while stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving you worse for the wear. “I call this, ‘Clarisonic destruction.’ Many patients feel that they can use exfoliating devices to remove imperfections such as acne and blemishes,” explained Derma di Colore’s Dr. Carlos A. Charles. “Patients should treat the skin as gently as possible during acne flares and other skin issues like rosacea, particularly while using medications that may make the skin more sensitive than usual.” [Byrdie]

If you are battling a bad breakout, the best defense is a good cover. While your favorite formula is sure to do the job well, it’s all about the application. For zits, apply directly onto the spot and gently blend out the harsh line. For redness, cool it off before applying, as you might not need to after a few minutes. For dark circles, avoid applying directly on top by creating a triangle under the eyes while drawing the eye to your cheeks and then painting up to your lower lashline. [She Finds]

With the announcement of Frozen 2, it looks like we won’t be letting go of Elsa and the gang anytime soon. On the heels of E.l.f.’s collaborative effort for the animated feature, London SOHO New York and Ardell have given their wares a frosty touch with cosmetic cases and faux lashes set, respectively. Both are already on Walgreens shelves, but we doubt they’ll be there for long! [Glam Inbox]