Beauty Buzz: Jared Leto’s Bold Blonde Blows Away Kim K., Celebrate #BlackOutDay, and The Beauty Counter Gets Frozen



Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only one in Balmain’s front row with a recent hair change. Jared Leto left everyone in shock and awe with a bleached do of his own, practically eclipsing Mrs. West. The star likely lightened his locks in preparation to go green for his role as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad blockbuster. Shine bright, Jared! [Glamour]

#BlackOutDay is sure to be the top trending topic across your social platforms and for good reason. The hashtag is part of a social media campaigns to celebrate black beauty in all of its forms from celebrities to everyday people and fight negative stereotypes in the media beyond Black History Month. The campaign has spread like wildfire thanks to the social savvy set, including YouTube personality Franchesa Ramsey. “It's a narrow representation,” she said. “Black people are not a monolith. We come in so many different skin tones, hair types, personalities. One of my followers sent me a message showing the pictures to her little sister who doesn't feel confident about her dark skin and hair, and she felt better and more empowered.” [ABC News]

The Frozen franchise continues, as the animated feature has inspired a collection makeup collection from E.l.f., which has just released its first skincare range. Capturing Elsa’s frosty finish, the collection will include a Beauty Book, and eye shadow compact, and “icing” shadow and liner, plus a face palette and lip shine. With prices ranging from $2.99 to $12.99, the set will be available to snap up at E.l.f.’s website and Walgreens stores on Monday. [WWD]

Bumble and Bumble wants to ensure everyone can score glamorous beach waves. The hair authority will introduce its new Surf Infusion, which features a bi-phase salt-in-oil formula that mane mavens can shake it up before spritzing it to beach babe perfection – minus the crunch factor. The summer strand must –have is slated to hit store in March before rolling out to Sephora in April for $29. Surf’s up! [WWD]

There’s so much temp tattoo talk, and we couldn’t be more excited! The latest to enter to the fray is NARS with the release of a Tahitian-inspired tattoo set from its Last Resort Collection. It comes with four sheets of fresh designs to apply wherever you’d like for just $35. Now we have the itch for more ink! [She Finds]

We all love to cocktail our mascara to ensure our lashes are lush, but Eyeko is taking the idea to the next level with its Bespoke by Eyeko mascara bar. Debuting at Harvey Nichols, mascara masters can customize everything from the formula to the color to the brush and comes housed in a personalized box sealed in wax with the customer’s initials. While it’s across the pond, it will go international before a virtual version pops up. [WWD]