Beauty Buzz: Katy Perry Gets Cut, Linda Rodin Loves Estée Lauder, and A Frog Prince You Can’t Wait to Kiss


Katy Perry’s got a new look, but we can’t help but side-eye. The songstress shared a snap of the new look, which she dubbed the Kris Jenner, and set off a firestorm of speculation. It’s not that we don’t love the cropped coif (we really do – Hello, Elizabeth Taylor), we just don’t believe it’s real since today is April Fool’s. Only time will tell if this look will last! [Racked]

Many were shocked when Linda Rodin sold her eponymous beauty line to Estée Lauder a few months ago, but you can breathe easy. Rodin is still running things, and is even repackaging Bis, the scent she crafted to smell like her mother, for Mother’s Day with snaps of her mom. As she explained, the sale may have put more layers to the company also opened her brand to new resource and possibilities. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said. “When I’m dead they can sell it at K-Mart, I don’t care. As long as I’m here, there’s nothing I won’t approve. I approve every bottle, every wrapping, everything.” [Fashionista]

Since we were young, we were told we’d have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find our way to find the prince or princess of our dreams. Luckily, Lipstick Queen cut down the search in one tube, aptly called Frog Prince. The green hued confection instantly transforms into a sheer mood ring for your lips with a color changing formula that adapts to your natural coloring and pH levels in your skin for a customized pout. [InStyle]

Laura Geller has a new makeup must to make you look airbrushed instantly, but it’s no cream. The Soft-Focus Make-Up Blender is a small paddle brush made of soft natural lambswool that works to absorb excess product while smoothing everything into place. They say good things come in small packages for a reason! [Glam Inbox]

Is this a prank? L’Occitane is handing out 5,000 free 10ml Hand Cream Duo in an exclusive #LoveLOccitane Collector’s Tin. Nope, it’s not a prank, as all you have to do is like the brand on your favorite social network, spread the word, and share your email address to verify to score a unique code to receive the duo starting April 3. After the winter we just endured, we’ll take all the haute hand cream we can get! [Glam Inbox]

Glossybox is infusing a little art into our beauty stash with its latest box. The subscription service channeled Andy Warhol with this pop inspired box that has become a major must overseas. But it’s more than a pretty box, as it houses a water-lily inspired scent from Aerin, Estée Lauder’s signature spot correcting serum, Julep’s gel eye glider for a Lichtenstein cat-eye, Marrakesh’s split end solution, and even Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics stained gloss to perfect a pop art pout. [Glam Inbox]