Beauty Buzz: Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Pedi, Chanel’s Conservatory Coifs, Beauty and a Braid for Every Sign


Katy Perry is ready to take the Super Bowl stage from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. In anticipation of Sunday’s big gig, the pop princess posted a picture of football-approved pedicure with the caption, “Even my tippy toes are ready.” Now if only we knew which team she’s repping on her tips… [Glamour]

Karl Lagerfeld Spring confection sprung up in a #CCertified hothouse, complete with models that channeled their inner glam gardener with a tapered, flyway braid clipped with floral barrette that came courtesy of Sam McKnight. Talk about flower power! [Vogue]

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year no matter your star sign. Fresh has curated a collection of oval soaps – Sugar for Earth signs, Verbana for Air signs, Mangosteen for Fire signs, and Waterlily for Water signs – that each come with a sign-specific booklet with a horoscope for the new year by the legendary Susan Miller. The fun doesn’t stop there, as you can now try out a tress twist specific to your sign as well! [Vanity Fair] and [Pop Sugar]

Many can spend years searching for their signature scent, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to one bottle. One tip to keep in mind: pair base-heavy fragrances with lighter, brighter scents for balance. According to Greta Fitz, the Director of Global Marketing for CLEAN Fragrances, “You can quickly increase the richness of a fragrance by layering [it with] a scent that is more background-heavy (vanilla, woods, musks), as well as create lighter renditions by layering fresh, fruity, or watery notes on top.” [Daily Makeover]

If you couldn’t get enough of The Lego Movie, you’re to love this new building project! In Reddit’s Makeup Edition Subreddit, user AnnabelleRioux showed off a set of makeup display, complete with brush holders, made entirely of the tiny blocks. She’s even posted more models you can craft, but remember to keep the piece of resistance on your Krazy Glue. [The Gloss]