Beauty Buzz: Mad Men Gets the Birchbox Treatments, Paul Rudd Spills In Skincare Secret, and Fragrance Foundation 2015 Finalists Unveiled


It’s the beginning of the end on Mad Men, and yes we’re still reeling from the elevator scene from Sunday night’s new episode. Though the show is coming to a close, you’ll still be able to channel your inner Joan, Peggy, or Betty thanks to Birchbox. The limited edition beauty boxes will have a New York box channeling the “sleek professionalism of Madison Avenue” and a California edition that taps into the “effortlessly chic vibe of 1960s Hollywood.” Collectors items, anyone? [People]

Paul Rudd, like Pharrell, has not changed much since he first stole Cher Horowitz’s (and our) heart in Clueless. As he turns 46 today we discovered that no, he’s not a vampire either, but has one skincare staple: sunscreen. “I am a big believer in sunscreen,” he said. “I’m not one for tanning. I used to be, back when I was rocking the Depeche Mode look. Honestly, I wear sunscreen not to prevent wrinkles but because I don’t want to get skin cancer.” [InStyle]

Which scents are spritz-worthy? The Fragrance Foundation has named the finalists for its annual awards ceremony where the organization will unveil who is truly top shelf on June 17. With nominees like Victoria’s Secret Scandalous, Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid on the ballot, it’ll be tough to choose an amazing aroma! [WWD]

Sharing is caring…but not when it comes to your beauty tools. Sharing dirty brushes amongst friends resulted in a young mother in Australia possibly never being able to walk again. Jo Gilchrist believes she contracted MRSA after borrowing a brush to hide a pimple, but the infection quickly spread to her spine, leaving her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Keep it clean, kittens. [Pop Sugar]

Move over, Marilyn Monroe; AlbertoVO5 is searching for its spot on Hollywood Boulevard. In honor of its 60-year anniversary, the brand has set up a petition to receive a star on the walk of fame. The brand has been a part of Hollywood since 1955 where its conditioning treatments were used to touch up the tresses of the industry’s biggest stars. You can help by signing the petition at the brand’s Facebook Page and spread the word with the hashtag #VO5is60. [Glam Inbox]

L’Oréal Paris want to know: are you worth it? The brand is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Women of Worth with a call for women across the U.S. who are making a beautiful difference in their communities. L’Oréal will accept nominations for the next 10 honorees through May 15at Plus you can celebrate those who inspire you with the brand’s Women of Worth Wednesday by simply tagging your snap with the hashtag #WomenofWorth. [Glam Inbox]