Beauty Buzz: Marc Jacobs Channels Deodorant, Ephemeral Scents, Get A Gilded ‘Do With Kérastase


Inspiration is everywhere. So while the rest of us were throwing our deodorant into our gym bags and just using it, Marc Jacobs decided to model a foundation stick in the everyday necessity's packaging. The result is a travel-friendly, easy to use foundation stick, which is a part of his fall collection. He has now saved the millions of women who have experienced a broken foundation bottle after a long flight. Thank you, Marc! [Refinery 29]

Climate change is a bummer, and artist Catherine Young will agree. She has decided to bottle up eight scents of things that we will eventually lose: Coasts, Coffee (no, please!), Honey, Wine, Eucalyptus, Peanuts, Ice, and Hardwood trees. Called The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store it was created in partnership with Givaudan, which is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. As we mourn the eventual demise of these things we love, we can at least wear them as our scents. What might Ice will smell like? [Fast Company]

Our hair deserves only the best. So Kérastase's collaboration with former A.P.C. designer, Vanessa Seward, for a small collection of gold hair accessories is some seriously good news. Seward was reportedly inspired by Kérastase's Couture Styling Collection and also her infatuation for gold accessories. Sounds like a woman after our own hearts. Get your hands on these limited edition accessories before someone else whisks them away! [Glam Inbox]

If blondes truly have more fun, looks like Lauren Conrad is about to have a whole lot more of it. The bride-to-be has debuted her newly colored, platinum blonde locks on her Instagram with the caption: “Things are getting real blonde around here…” Her hair, styled in gorgeous, loose waves, is significantly lighter than her original dirty blonde shade. Hair envy begins now! [GlamBlush]

Watch out Sephora! Pharmacies offering cheaper products are growing competition, especially in Europe where the shelves are increasingly being stocked with organic products with a more forgiving price tag. Head of L'Oreal, Jean-Paul Agon says, “Pharmacies are a place where people go regularly, where the pharmacist's advice is well regarded and the value for money proposition of the brands they sell is appreciated by consumers.” While that may be true, we'll still be hitting up Sephora on the regular. [WWD]