Beauty Buzz: Reba McEntire’s Beauty Line, OGX Wants You to Have #BadAssHairDays, and Tom Ford’s Lipstick Clutch


Reba McEntire is country music royalty, but now the star is staking her claim on the beauty counter. She partnered with makeup master Brett Freedman to create the range as an offshoot of women’s apparel line for Dillard’s, starting with an electric rouge gloss-lipstick hybrid called the Deluxstick. She said, “My first color is red and we call it ‘Fancy.’ Red is not my favorite color, but because Fancy is probably the best known song of my career, that’s why we started with red.” [People]

Truth Hair or Dare? OGX wants you to play a game the next time you’re having a bad hair day – all it takes is Instagram. If you choose Hair, a selfie should suffice if you tag the brand with what you think is badass. A Dare, on the other hand, could have you giving your hair a quick flip before snapping another selfie. The challenges will go until National Badass Hair Day on May 26th. Our only question: How will you celebrate #BadAssHairDay? [WWD]

We love a good beauty accessory, but Tom Ford is turning the idea on its head with a little bit of luxury we need. The designer crafted a limited edition minaudière with a gold holster to stash your latest lippie. It doesn’t come empty either as it already holds his signature Vanilla Suede lipstick inside. As tiny as some of our clutches are, it’s good to know the tiny, shimmering treasure would save room for our phone or our keys. [Vogue]

Is your skin still in a rough patch? It might be time to skip the scrub and pick up a gommage exfoliator. It refers to a way of sloughing off the skin using an enzyme-rich gel that will start to pill up, taking the dead skin cells with. The only catch is that the enzyme can be too harsh for dry and sensitive skin types, but work best to break up dry patches and provide instantly gorgeous skin! [InStyle]

Just like ColorSnap to translate our favorite hue into our spaces next coat of paint, ShadeScout from FaceCake, is looking to expand your vanities color wheel. The new app uses your smartphone’s camera to capture to color you covet before an automated web crawler searches every online shelf to find the hues perfect match from over 40 luxury and mass brands. Plus it will also allow users to virtually try-on the shades before buying them. We’ve already downloaded it! [WWD]

Want a crack at the new NARS Christopher Kane collection? Starting tomorrow makeup mavens can enter to “break through” and win the entire collection plus a new accessory from the designer’s Spring 2015 line. All it takes is a tweet using the hashtag #NARSChristopherKaneUS, which will trigger a robot arm to tap on an orb. The process will be livestreamed on the beauty brand’s website, and the winning tweet will breakthrough the orb to the makeup musts. Best of luck, kittens! [Glam Inbox]