Beauty Buzz: The Start of the “Selfielapse,” A Cooler Way to Clean You Brushes, and Burt’s Bees Hits the Small Screen


As Instagram gave rise to the selfie, its newest app is sure to take self expression to new heights. The latest update for Hyperlapse now allows users to speed up videos take from the phone’s front facing camera that will likely set of a surge of “selfielapses.” While we’re sure to see a slew of silly videos, we can already see makeup mavens making digestible tutorials to share socially! [Mashable]

Let’s be honest, cleaning makeup tools is no one’s idea of a good time, but it’s necessary not only for your face but also your brushes. From brush-cleaning gloves to brush guards to help maintain shape, there are a ton of new tools to help ease the pain of the beauty chore. [Refinery 29]

Burt’s Bees will be buzzing to a TV near you! The brand is releasing its first commercial ever for a new array of lip balms with a focus on flavors. Though peppermint is still a fan favorite, there’s a pumpkin lip balm and more on the way! Tad Kittredge, associate director of marketing at Burt’s Bees explained, “Lip balm is becoming something more like a gum product that brightens up consumers’ day.” [New York Times]

From small shade ranges to a lack of curl love, a trip to the beauty aisle used to be a pain for people of color, but things are starting to look up. Thanks to retailers like Target, which houses plenty of multicultural products, many beauty brands and retailers are diversifying their offering to include more customizable cosmetics and beauty buys. Mona Monaghan, chief sales and marketing manager of Milani, says there’s more work to be done, “It is a new era, and we need to dedicate space to the fastest-growing [segment of the] population.” [WWD]