Beauty Buzz: Tone It Up With StriVectin, Nail Polish Sales Aren’t Doing Too Hot, Prabal Gurung Does Beauty


Forget about your butt and thighs for a while, and turn your attention to toning your face. StriVectin is debuting a skincare device that the company hopes will help preserve facial muscle mass. Along with Bio-Medial Research, StriVectin created the technology, which targets deeper tissues than most at-home beauty devices. The Facial Toner delivers treatments through soft medical-grade gel pads on either side of the face and is said to rejuvenate and restructure the face. [Women’s Wear Daily]

What’s gives, beauty gals? NPD Group released a study that sales of nail products, which have already been declining for several seasons, fell 11 percent in the second quarter of this year. We’re the first ones to admit our undying love of nail polish, but it seems that most of the country has found better ways to spend their time than at the nail salon or at home mastering complex nail art techniques. [Fashionista]

There’s a new name in beauty, and it’s one you’ve definitely heard before. Designer Prabal Gurung teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to launch a 14-piece collection of makeup that hits stores in November. Not only are we obsessed with the rich hues and variety of products in the collection, but we’re simply smitten with the luxe gold packaging. [Glam Blush]

Behold: the be-all-end-all of hair tutorials. Gisele Bündchengives precise instructions on how to get her perfect beachy waves. The Brazilian supermodel admits to favoring a natural look to a stick-straight style—and if this how-to is really as easy as it sounds, so do we. So, does this mean we can request a how-to-always-look-that-sexy tutorial from the supermodel, too? [Glamour]

Everyone has a beauty icon, even beauty icons themselves. Rita Ora looks to Freddie Mercury, Debbie Harry, Barbara Streisand, Jimi Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani for beauty inspo. Why? She says, “you remember them; you remember what they wore, they made moments. That’s what I love, that’s beauty inspiration.” Oh, she also has a hidden talent for eyebrow tweezing, which is really important. [Into The Gloss]