Beauty Buzz: Will Camila Alves Get Gilded for the Golden Globes?, Jeremy Scott’s Spreads His Wings With Scent, and L’Oreal Paris’s GIFs Keep on Giving


Someone’s got a shade switch on the brain, and just in time for awards season! Camila Alves took to Twitter on Thursday to debate whether she should become a blonde. She shared a snap of herself in a blonde wig, captioning the shot with, “Never been blonde before. Working up courage for a change. Should I do it? Have appointment tomorrow! Thoughts? Help!” Whatever her decision, her look will be good as gold. [People]

While Moschino’s fresh fragrance borrows from the toy aisle, Jeremy Scott’s new scent for Adidas Originals stems from the shoe department. The limited edition unisex perfume comes in the shape of the designer’s signature winged sneakers and boasts notes of Calabrian bergamot, incense, white pepper, and cashmere woods. As Scott explained, “I got the go-ahead and started working on the fragrance and trying to create something unique that I felt was from me, which is such a difficult thing, because my talents lie in the visual and not in the olfactory. It’s been a real process and journey.” [WWD]

You can snap up the beauty buys they’re wearing as soon as the stars arrive at the Golden Globes carpet on Sunday, thanks to L’Oréal Paris. The brand has built a “stoppable social commerce center” where the team will create GIFs of the stars and their looks as they’re walking down the carpet with links to purchase. Talk about buy on the fly! [AdWeek]

The term cryotherapy is likely to inspire vision of frozen corpses waiting to be revived in the future, but the technology does more than we think. The process involves subjecting the body to extreme cold for a short period of time to reduce inflammation in an instant. Aside from being a must for injuries, it also works wonders to reduce cellulite and increase collagen and even endorphin production. Cool! [Into the Gloss]

We all know the burden of applying makeup with dirty brushes, especially if they’re all sitting in a cup transferring whatever makeup and germs they’ve picked up along the way. Makeup maestro Rae Morris developed a luxe looking brush set with magnetized ends that can easily attach to a frame, not only keeping everything clean but creating an artful piece of décor for your vanity. We’ll take two, please! [Pop Sugar]