Beauty is Bone Deep: What Dayle Haddon Says Every Woman Should Know About Aging


When you think about aging, is doing so gracefully the first thing that comes to mind?

For Dayle Haddon, model and L’Oreal spokesperson, it’s second nature. At 65 years old, she’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, fronted Revlon and Max Factor campaigns, authored Ageless Beautyand flexed her philanthropic muscle as an ambassador for UNICEF and founder of WomenOne, a non-profit that’s “changing the world one educated girl at a time.”

In her latest role, Haddon is championing beauty beyond the superficial. She’s partnered with Citracal for its Beauty is Bone Deep campaign which encourages women to include bone health in their anti-aging routines. According to a study from Bayer HealthCare, only 19 percent of women 40 and older know how much calcium they should consume on a daily basis, while nine out of 10 women 50 and older aren’t getting the daily amount that they need.

“With a career in modeling that spans decades, I know how much emphasis can be put on superficial beauty—battling wrinkles and dyeing our hair to fight the signs of aging,” Haddon said. “But as a result, far too many women are ignoring what’s happening on the inside… True beauty radiates from within and it starts with strong bones.”

We spoke with Haddon about her own anti-aging routine, the beauty icons she admires, and how every woman can earn the face they deserve.

Glam: What does “Beauty is Bone Deep” mean to you?

Dayle: That’s the base line. If you want to be beautiful you have to go to the beginning and the beginning is your bones. It’s like continuing to put on makeup for a while without washing your face. Without our bones, we would be like a crumpled bunch of clothes on the floor. The base of beauty is your bones and if your bones aren’t healthy, you’re in trouble. That’s why the Beauty is Bone Deep campaign is important. I don’t think women understand that 75% of women feel they’re getting enough calcium but nine out of ten women are not getting enough calcium through their diet. It’s about beauty from the inside out.

Glam: What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received or can give?

Dayle: People can be beautiful on the outside but true beauty comes from within. If you are beautiful on the outside, that is a gift and a blessing, but it’s not who you are. Your job, whether you have that blessing or not, is to work on yourself inside. I do it through meditating, yoga, reading, learning, going to retreats, and giving back. Also, feeling and feeding negativity will make you the most unattractive person. At night I try to do a gratitude list. It’s really developing that and trying to see what’s great about your day every day.

Glam: What are your top three beauty must-haves?

Dayle: Moisturizer, sunscreen, and a meditation mask. I have dry skin and as it gets older it gets dryer. I like it to be natural and very rich. I like natural brands like Alba and L’Oreal because I don’t want a lot of chemicals going in my skin.

GlamAside from supplements, what is your anti-aging ritual?

Dayle: Thinking good thoughts. Bad thoughts are so toxic. We’re made up of stories and what happens is your mood changes when you’ve got a story about something. As soon as I catch a story that’s negative, I will catch myself and focus on what I think is more important. The bigger story is extremely important to me—don’t feed negative stories because it will only spill over into your health through stress levels, deteriorating of the body, not feeling good, and you will not look beautiful. You earn the face you deserve.

Glam: Who are your beauty icons?

Dayle: Gloria Steinem because at 70 years old, she’s one of the most authentic and beautiful women I have ever seen. I think what is really beautiful is when a person is present. When she is looking at you, she is really with you. She’s not wondering who else is in the room; that to me is truly beautiful. She has managed to ride and develop that beauty over a long period of time. I also think Angelina Jolie is so iconic looking, and what she does is extraordinary. My daughter also walks the walk—she was blessed genetically, but more importantly she did the work on the inside. There isn’t anyone who isn’t uplifted by her presence. I think any woman that lives an authentic life and really followes her own dream, is compassionate and kind, and takes care of herself.

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