Beauty Secrets with Olivia Chantecialle in the American Express Skybox

Beauty maven Olivia Chantecialle delighted American Express card members on the fifth day of fashion week with with an intimate Q&A to talk beauty secrets, family brands, and providing the best for her consumers. Dressed in a sleek Salvatore Ferragamo shift, she heralded designers for providing an easy transition from fall to spring by continuing trends before moving into her tricks of the trade.

On beauty while traveling:

Create a palette for yourself that's a very easy, go-to palette that will work for any outfit. When you have something that you know looks good on you, you don't have to think twice, no matter how bad the lighting is in hotels, which is always a problem. I always go to the window and put on my makeup so I can see what it actually looks like. Otherwise I get downstairs and I'm like, “What happened?”

On the new red lip:

The red lip has been so strong through the last few years. We did a version that's a deep raspberry, which is more modern. It's a nice change especially as we become more pale. I think red can be very harsh in the winter time and I think a raspberry can compliment the paleness beautifully.

On gold as anti aging:

Gold has been used for many centuries as an anti-inflammatory for people who have shock trauma, injuries. In certain countries, they would use gold to stitch wounds or cuts because they would heal more quickly that way. Because the main form of aging is inflammation, we thought gold would be this amazing cure all to prevent wrinkles, which it has proven to be.