Because You’ve Always Wanted to See a Million Dollar Water Bottle

You know what's fun? Ogling over the most expensive things in the world until we get a breath of fresh reality and come back to our senses. It happened to me with Jill Sander's$300 paper bag purse. Don't believe me? Feast your eyes on this $900,000 Aurum 79 water bottle made from the finest glass and adorned with pure 24-carat gold and 113 dazzling diamonds. When you've stopped staring, check out this $302,985 London Lotus iPhone case, now officially the world’s most expensive iPhone 5 case here. Yes, that's Mariss-I mean Mischa Barton, presenting the case at an exclusive event in London.

For chic iPhone accessories, take a cue from the Upper East Side rather than the OC and rock a more affordable case.

image via Born Rich