Become an Accomplice

Experience New York, California and Soon London Like You Never Have Before…

Imagine signing yourself up to be the accomplice to a crime and everyone involved knowing exactly what you're getting yourself into but you. Now Google “Accomplice the Show!” Not even the “Accomplice” creators can explain the experience. “Is it a show? Is it a game? Is it a tour?”

Since 2005, the Accomplice has gathered groups of up to ten hungry individuals looking for a non-traditional view of major cities. Explore your own city or familiarize yourself with another with a keen eye and a fun spirit for this mysterious on-foot journey interacting with Accomplice actors as well as city locals. Beginning with downtown New York City, the unique…”experience” has expanded to the Village, Hollywood and soon to come—London!

Celebrities, talk show hosts and journalists alike have fallen in love with it. Even actor, Neil Patrick Harris was blown away by the production, so much so that in 2009 he joined forces with Tom Salamon and Betsy Sufott to create the Accomplice Hollywood.

What would we call our own experience throughout Lower Manhattan's Chinatown, Soho, Little Italy, and Financial District? We're still on the fence on that one but we have to agree with the NY Daily News in saying it's a “must do this summer!”

“Not enough information,” you say? Trust us— the fun is in the surprises. ~Lyndsay Luff
Accomplice: New York Ticket, $65
Accomplice: The Village Tickets, $55
Accomplice: Hollywood Tickets, $65