Being Bee Shaffer: What It’s Like To Call Anna Wintour “Mom”


Let’s be honest, we’ve all wondered at some time or another what it’d really be like to work for Anna Wintour (and thanks, Meryl Streep, for turning those thoughts into nightmares), but have you ever wondered what it’s like to call her “Mom?” Well, for 26 years, Bee Shaffer has done just that. Teen Vogue’sAndrew Bevan sat down with Shaffer to hear straight from the source what it’s like to be, well, Bee.

Of course, growing up in Anna Wintour’s home isn’t all about whose face is on the cover and only having refined taste. Shaffer talks about other values that she learned from her powerhouse mom: punctuality, generosity, efficiency, and the importance of family. Shaffer reveals that Wintour has always made it to her daughter’s badminton games.

As far as fashion running through one’s veins, though, Shaffer admits that it just doesn’t do it for her. “I’m not that interested in fashion,” she says. “I’m 5’5 and have huge boobs, I’m not going to wear the same thing as Karlie Kloss. I kind of wear the same thing all the time, like, jeans and t-shirts.” Well, we all have our fashion low points, but when the opportunity arises (say, um, at the Met Gala?), she turns it out in dresses from the likes of Dior, Balenciaga and Chanel. Rough life.

Strange as it may seem for there to be someone who actually calls Anna Wintour “Mom,” Shaffer speaks about her with a sense of adoration and appreciation. Happy Mother’s Day, Anna! Watch the video for more.