Best Advice for Brides


It’s the season for weddings! Every weekend this summer and into the early fall, brides will be walking down aisles while nervous grooms wait at altars. It’s a couple’s most magical day, right? But what they don’t tell you is that your magical day can also be your most stressful. So many relatives and friends from out of town, important things to remember and rings to exchange, and everyone’s eyes will be on you all day. It can feel like a lot when you’re in the moment. I remember feeling stressed out during my wedding 11 years ago. There was so much that I learned from experience that day; And now I can pass that experience on! Here’s my best advice for you so you can enjoy your biggest day ever, with advice from someone who’s been there and done it. Learn from my mistakes!

  • Begin the day with meditation, solitude, alone time. Your wedding is going to zip by you in a whirlwind of activity, and before you know it you’ll be getting gussied up and surrounded by bridesmaids. I highly recommend taking some time before the whirlwind takes over.
  • Make sure you EAT. Before my wedding, I was too nervous to eat. During my wedding, I was too overwhelmed to eat. And after my wedding, I was STARVING. If you’re like me and tend to have nervous stomach issues on big days, plan ahead to have someone put aside a plate for you. It’d be such a shame to never have tried the delicious meal you helped to choose for your guests.
  • Keep your lipstick and some oil absorbing powder on your person throughout the day. You’re going to be smiling and sipping and taking photos, and while you aren’t even aware people may be snapping candid shots of you. If you want to make sure you’re shine free and flawless in your photos later on, make sure you’ve got the necessary tools to keep your look going late into the evening.
  • Comfy flats are essential. There’s a reason so many brides get customized flats or flip flops—after posing in heels during the formal part, it feels SO good to be able to kick them off and celebrate at your wedding reception! Make sure your comfort comes first so you can dance all night without feeling the pain.
  • Live in the moment. Brides, this is why you hire a photographer and/or videographer. You don’t want to be worried that you’ll miss a moment and not have it captured for posterity. This isn’t the time for you to be futzing with your camera phone. A professional photographer will get everything from your first kiss to your first dance to those silly moments on the dancefloor, all caught on camera for your enjoyment later. During your wedding make sure you connect with the folks who came the farthest for your celebration, and enjoy every last minute!

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