Best of the Beauty Blogs: Candy Corn Manicures, Your Best Brow Shape, and a Bolt of Blue Makeup Musts

Yay for Fall! If you haven’t switched up your polish yet, Pretty Gossip has a manicure to get you into the spooky spirit of Halloween. Just sponge on a few stripes of candy corn colors and you’re set!

If you spent your evenings watching the sun come up, don’t be surprised when it’s written all over your face the next day. Luckily, Lovelyish has a few tips to conceal those dreaded under eye circles so you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Whether angled, rounded, delicate or bold, shaping your brows can easily go awry if you’re not sure what shape is right for you. Compulsive Style talked to brow expert Hibba Kapil to capture the perfect brow.

With all the wacky weather about, it’s best to keep your hair pulled back instead of blowing in the wind. If you have textured tresses, Latest Hairstyles has a tutorial to twist them into a loose, luxe look you’ll love!

With a rainbow of more muted color combinations for fall, you can electrify your look with a bit a cobalt blue. Hot Beauty Health has the hottest beauty picks to perk up your pretty face this season.

Does your face look and feel more like an oil slick? We Heart This has you covered as they try out the newest oil-controlling offering from Clean and Clear to see if it really gets rid of the shine without drying out your skin.