Best of the Beauty Blogs: Halloween Makeup Tutorials, A Bit More Marilyn, & Ways to Keep Your Mascara Fresh

While many ignore or judge tattoos as a form of beauty, Lovelyish’s Katie Kubiak shares her love of ink by showing off her own body art. She also leaves us with lots of inspiration for our next pigmented portrait!

Give us more Marilyn! We Heart This explores the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection from the inspiration of the Love Goddess Lipstick to the details on the sexy icon’s beauty routine, including her goddess glow!

Don’t wait until December to score some sweet beauty sets! Beauty Tidbits picks the best palettes to pick up for yourself or another beauty buff for an early gift to give or get.

If you still haven’t picked out a Halloween costume, worry not! Makeup for Life has a ton of tutorials to choose from, including Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, plus a few runway looks you can recreate for any frightening fête.

Heading across the pond? Get lovely in London with Girl Gloss’s guide to the beast beauty spots in the city. Here are seven hot spots you’ll want to stop by while you’re in town.

Be honest – you’re not sure why you still have that mascara you bough ages ago, whenever that was. Endless Beauty has an easy expiration guide to follow to keep your glam goodies fresh.

Our hair has grown and shrunk with the wacky weather we’re experiencing as the seasons change. Hello Dollface has a Keratin solution to zap frizz in a snap and keep it away in just four easy steps!