Betsey Johnson’s Feeling a Bit Like a Queen


Betsey Johnson was riding the wave of success dressing celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj when she had to file for bankruptcy in 2012 and close all of her stores. So begins her reality show on the Style network, which is set to air this Sunday. The show, XOX Betsey Johnson, features the cartwheeling designer and her daughter, Lulu, 38, mixing fashion with family.

“I’m feeling a bit like a queen because of what the reality show has done for me… the press, and the exposure,” Johnson said. “We really went through a tough year, and had a tough time, and working in a big corporate situation and not being in a little family business. We’re doing really well now.”

The show also explores Betsey and Lulu’s relationship—apparently it isn’t all cartwheels and roses. Lulu just moved into her mother’s apartment, and is newly divorced. “As Lulu says in the show, ‘We can’t live with each other,’” said Betsey. “And we can’t live without each other.”

Mark your calendar to watch their lives play out in front of the Style Network’s cameras on 8pm this Sunday.