Beyonce 2.0: The Queen Has Another Surprise In Store


UPDATE: We don’t know who to believe here. As soon as we got attached to the idea of Beyoncé2.0, The Hollywood Reporterreported today that the Topshop collaborator is simply releasing a new version of her old December 2013 release, with just two new songs and a slew of remixes—not 10 new records. Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records confirmed that while there is a November 24 release on the rise, the Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set will include the first visual album; a second, six-song CD with remixes from Pharrell and Kanye West; and one “live” DVD with 10 of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour performances. Welp, we’ll still take it.

Just when you thought Taylor Swift had a leg up on the 2014 album wars, Beyoncé pushed through like:

Almost a year after her surprise, self-titled album made history, Mrs. Carter is reportedly re-releasing the disc on November 14 with 10 new songs and features from Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, and your favorite bad gal, Rihanna. Back in August, we reported that Bey and Rih teamed to remix Beyoncé favorite “Blow,” as evidenced on the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers’ official database. Timberlake, who worked behind-the-scenes on three Beyoncé songs, is slated to appear on “Renouncement,” while Minaj is will follow their “Flawless” remix with an ode to ass, entitled “DONK.”

Though Bey and her Parkwood Entertainment camp have remained mum on the matter (as expected), a document first circulated with the track listing and release date over the weekend. According to the unverified leak, Beyoncé volume two will include all 14 songs and 17 videos from its original December 2013 release, and comprise a four-disc physical copy (out November 25) with a Mrs. Carter Show World Tour DVD, an On the Run Tour DVD, and 28music videos, meaning that all new recordings will be accompanied with a clip. Consider #visualalbum 2.0 evidence that only Beyoncé can one up, well, Beyoncé.

Original Track List:

“Pretty Hurts”
“Drunk In Love”
“No Angel”
“Mine” feat. Drake
“***Flawless” feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
“Superpower” feat. Frank Ocean
“Blue” feat. Blue Ivy

New Recordings:

“Sweet Illusion”
“DONK” feat. Nicki Minaj
“Good in Good Bye”
“Renouncement” feat. Justin Timberlake
“Sensation of Pain”
“Cherry” feat. Rihanna
“Flawless (Remix)” feat. Nicki Minaj