Beyonce and Jay Z Tease Us Some More


They're at it again: the couple that must never sleep is still up to no good. And by that, we mean teasing us with yet another installation of that “On the Run” trailer. In case you stopped thinking about Beyoncé and Jay-Z's imminent summer tour, you're welcome for the reminder about why you should be. If the actual tour possesses even a fraction of the extravagance that these trailers have, those attending will be in for a serious treat.

As Bey and Jay are the first ever to produce a movie-like trailer, they're certainly the only ones who would put out two versions of it. The initial video featured actors and actresses (Blake Lively, Sean Penn, etc.) and an exciting plot with intense romance and action (we're talking bank robberies). This new version stars only the couple, but that's not to say it's not over-the-top. The 30-second vid shows the steamiest and most thrilling clips from the original trailer including Jay Z and Beyoncé riding in their getaway convertible and coolly strutting away from a fiery explosion. Plus, when you put a bikini-clad Beyonce in a pool with money floating in it, sh*t. gets. real.