Beyonce Chopped Off All Her Hair – How Do You Feel?


The last time someone freaked out over me cutting my hair was 1990-something, and it was my mom after I had given myself bangs with a pair of play-school scissors. But on the night of August 7th, it seemed a whole lot more people had a whole lot more to say over a very particular, very different hair chop–Beyonce's new bleached pixie.

In a series of three glamorous mirror shots on Bey's account, Mrs. Carter sported a very short new 'do, following the leads of ladies like Michelle Williams, Miley Cyrus, and most recently, Rihanna. Wait…could this be a preventive measure against catching her hair in a fan during a performance again? After nabbing the closely cropped coif, Bey turned to Rita Hazan who added champagne and summer blonde highlights all over her head in very tiny sections to create that “Halo” effect. “Beyonce's new look is modern and old Hollywood at the same time, and makes such a statement,” Hazan said. “We wanted the color to be soft and sexy, so I chose to highlight her hair with champagne and summer blonde tones.”

While Beyonce is a style super star, constantly changing up her look and hitting us hard with the fiercest of fashion, we didn't see a full on chop coming–those long locks have always been a part of her all encompassing presence and killer dance moves.Shocking as it may be, the beautiful revamp just goes to show, once again, that Queen Bey can do no wrong. And while some Instagrammers responded with the expected, “No!” or “Why?!” with over 45 thousand likes on her pics in under 20 minutes, it seems most her fans agree.