Beyoncé Debuts Super-Short Bangs



Beyoncé’s latest tress transformation is causing a serious stir.

The superstar was snapped at Gare du Nord in Paris with Jay Zand Blue Ivy on Tuesday sporting super short bangs that many are not used to seeing. Bettie Page popularized the look that has endured on the foreheads of vintage vixens for decades. This type of fringe is known to need a lot of maintenance to stay fresh and lie flat. While the look is likely temporary, we still love that she isn't afraid to take risks.

But any member of the Bey-hive knows that this look is hardly a first for her. Our resident Beyonce expert, entertainment editor Angel Lenise informed us that she wore the fringe for her “Video Phone” collaboration with Lady Gaga back in 2009. The look returned when the divas paired up again for “Telephone” just a few months before culminating in the pinup inspired “Why Don’t You Love Me.” 

The more you know…