Beyonce Peruses Target, Glam Shops Her Picks


Hardly a week goes by in our lives without style-crushing on something from Target, all thanks to a combination of positive reinforcement: the brilliant merchandising, Instagram snaps from the #TargetDoesItAgain girls, or news of an upcoming designer collaboration.

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Clearly, Beyonce's about that Target life too.

The superstar was spotted in a Houston Target during a break from her Mrs. Carter tour, just casually perusing the accessories collections. If Bey is anything like us when it comes to our shopping habits at the store, she walked out with way more than she ventured in for—a regular reality for many thanks to the power of Target. While her cart is hidden from view, it is clear that Queen Bey was on the hunt for a few straw hats in a variety of colors. In the interest of scooping up her style, we've done the (Bey approved) Target shopping for you in advance. You're welcome!

Black // Stripes // Pink // Natural