Beyonce Skinny Dips in Sparkles for the Cover of Flaunt


Sorry Ke$ha, but your glitter reign is over! Beyoncé has reclaimed the fairy dust in head to toe sparkles to cover Flaunt’s latest issue. Sure her skin was glowing before, but this is the epitome of dazzling. 

Kudos to Beyonce for being bold, beautiful, and nude on the newsstand. With this move, it seems the artist has taken a fearless page from Kate Mosseditorial book. But Mrs. Carter didn't break from her tour to pose, the ethereal images actually stem from a 2011 shoot with Tony Duran that managed to stay under wraps until now.

Inside the magazine, Queen Bey touched on her status as a gay icon and youth motivator; she also provided dating advice and urged readers to stay away from lists of ways to please your lover, keep the date-night picnic basket simple, and find an excuse to make out at The Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe. She even named Antony and Cleopatra as her favorite sex scandal in history! “The legend of that love affair affected history and lives to this day,” she told the glossy.

Though wed definitely don't plan on posing nude, we will definitely be incorporating a bit more sparkle  into our look.